4 spots for the fluffiest bao buns in Athens

Mr Pug’s Canteen


Be patient, because sometimes the queue out of this street food spot specializing in bao buns is big – at least you will be entertained by loud eccentric music coming from inside. The fluffy bread rolls are handmade and stuffed with duck, veal, pork or chicken, while for dessert you can dip Spanish churros in homemade chocolate sauce.



Street food is a major trend nowadays in Athens, so at this establishment they had the smart idea to serve dishes from all over the world under the same roof. There are eight different stops serving European recipes with eggs (Heggllo), American recipes with chicken and duck (Crazy Coop), seafood bites (My Fish Fishing) or salad and vegetarian dishes (Go Veggie). Accompany your meal with cocktails, beer, wine from the Wine Station and fresh juices.

Po’ Boys


The meat-eating habits of the American South are transported to a bright street food spot with details taken from American diners, Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix concert posters, a piano and drums. Here they slowly roast and smoke the meat (pork belly, brisket, turkey, Andouille handmade sausage) and serve it in sandwiches or burgers with potato salad or french fries. In order to enjoy the taste of the authentic Southern BBQ, we recommend that you order the meat plates.

Pink Flamingo


The well-known chef Vasilis Kallidis, adored by hipsters because of his unconventional projects (check Uberness), brings the buzz of Hong Kong's streets to the centre of Athens. In the tiny rosy space with pop items from Asia, you'll eat dim sum, a bao bun with aa recipe of the day and one with sweet stuffing, as well as a salad with noodles.
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