12 delicious and sweet pancakes for your brunch

Monsieur Barbu


A retro and bright bar, at the hip neighborhood of Koukaki, where they serve homemade cocktails. Don't miss their hit brunch every Saturday and Sunday.

Just Made 33


All day café with industrial design and many metal tables on the busy commercial pedestrian street. There's a big variety of sandwiches made with bread from the best bakeries in the city and ingredients from Greek producers – especially the hot ones are very tasty. You can taste specialty coffee with different brewing methods and accompany it with savoury tarts, salads, and sweets, some of which are served in jars.

The Artist Athens


From the twin rooftops of The Artist Hotel, you have a view of the church of Agios Dimitrios in Psyrri and the Acropolis, but you can also check the silent films projected on the wall of the opposite building. One terrace operates as a restaurant seerving Mediterranean cuisine with Asian touches while the other serves as a cocktail bar. The interior designer and owner of the hotel created a balanced combination of old and contemporary elements, preserving the old mosaic on the floor and adding plants and bare lighting bulbs.



Hispanic decor, a tiled bar and wooden benches on the outside for you to enjoy your frozen sangria. Coffees from carefully selected qualities, a variety of wine labels, tasty burgers and of course many tapas, such as croquetas de Jamon and Pollo.

Frater & Soror


A contemporary and youthful high volume bar on three levels with a mix of industrial and retro elements. The loft is ideal for working with your laptop and reading your book while enjoying the exclusive coffee blend and the creative brunch while in the basement, behind a heavy metal door that opens with a key, there is a fine dining restaurant for about twenty people. The cocktails are excellent (try the perfect serve Gin & Tonic in a balloon wine glass) while the highlights of the comfort food menu are the pancakes with chicken nuggets, a parmesan soup with trahana, and squid with pepper sauce.



This high-ceilinged Scandinavian design space feels like a cozy lounge complete with armchairs and shelves with books and board games. In a prominent position, the espresso bar is full of packages of single-origin coffees (from Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, or Costa Rica) and brewing devices. In addition to specialty coffee, "Dizer" offers soothing herbal drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes with natural ingredients and tasty cakes and savoury pies so that you enjoy a complete brunch.



With classic brunch dishes, specialty coffee, Mediterranean flavours, pizzas, light after-office cocktails, and intense nightlife, Lucca is a hot spot in the busy part of Holargos on Mesogeion Avenue. The decorative style is familiar, with a mix of industrial, country and exotic elements. Get sure to arrive early for your night drinks, because the bar gets very busy.



Industrial decor, black music on the decks, lockers for the customers and a concept inspired by the Prohibition era. Here you can find good cocktails and a well-chosen wine list mainly compiled of Greek labels.

Mr. Peacock


Judging by its name only, this bar's colorful space with mix & match furniture and vintage details can't be a surprise. Try the signature cocktails by the award winning bartender, Harris Dara, or choose something to eat from its large menu. In the summer, an extra surf bar opens in its popular garden.
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