8 amazing burgers that you definitely have to taste in Athens

Juicy Grill


Delicious burgers with juicy beef patties served on soft bagel bans and accompanied by homemade jacked or freshly fried potatoes, seasoned with thick salt. If you are not a burger enthusiast, try the Nasty Chicken (oat crusted chicken fillet with spicy mayo).



A Japanese pub that combines elements from sushi and tapas bars, cocktail and dive bars. The long and narrow space (with two entrances from different streets) is occupied by a long oak bar, where the patrons eat yakitori (from free range or organic chicken) and Wagyu beef nigiri and drink Japanese draft beer and whiskeys from all over the world. The relaxed ambiance is complemented by blues, rock, jazz and ethnic music played in low volume.

Mpar Mpee Kiou


Even the most demanding burger enthusiasts will leave satisfied after they try "Mpar Mpee Kiou's" XL, authentic American burgers, pork chops and fried potatoes, in many different delicious versions. If you are up for a tough eating challenge, order the "American Gladiator" burger. filled with two patties, BBQ glazed pork, and topped with a cheese dog and a fried egg.

PAX Burgers


This new arrival in the Athenian burger scene serves homemade burgers in a wooden space with large tables and barrels. The patties are made with 100% fresh beef and cooked at the time of the order so that they are served juicy and tasty. The most special recipes are the Bourbon Bacon Jam and the Goat Cheese & Truffle, while there are also burgers with chicken, buffalo or vegetable patties.

Santa Muerte


In this small street food spot you will be greeted by the skeletal figure of Santa Muerte carrying fruits on her head and by Dimitris and Christos who serve burgers, sandwiches, salads and dishes influenced by Mexican and South American cuisine. Start exploring the flavors of the other side of the Atlantic with Argentinian Brisket with a beef patty cooked in sous-vide, the Cubano sandwich with tender pancetta cooked and the Mojo Cuban Chicken, a dish with chicken marinated in lime and coriander.

Butcher’s Burger


This chain became known for its XXXL burgers, but it's not just the size that matters. The meat is provided from the family-run butcher shop and is thus of guaranteed quality. The burgers are prepared with patties in four different sizes with a variety of homemade sauces. In addition to the extensive burger list, there are many meat dishes, salads and appetizers.

Burger AP


Fans of celebrity chef Akis Petretzikis swarm this American-style burger joint, where they discover that burgers are not necessarily stuffed with beef patties and upload numerous photos on Instagram. Handmade beer buns are also stuffed with duck, caramelized pork pancetta or crab. The simple menu also contains few side dishes, salads, and sweets.

Po’ Boys


The meat-eating habits of the American South are transported to a bright street food spot with details taken from American diners, Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix concert posters, a piano and drums. Here they slowly roast and smoke the meat (pork belly, brisket, turkey, Andouille handmade sausage) and serve it in sandwiches or burgers with potato salad or french fries. In order to enjoy the taste of the authentic Southern BBQ, we recommend that you order the meat plates.
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