7 delicious sandwiches to try in Athens

Big Mouth


This take away place, next to a small arcade, will travel you to Chicago. Savory or sweet, its creative and unique sandwiches are served in freshly baked traditional bread. You should not miss the “Pastoyrmaly”, the “Belle Monto”, and the “Choco Melt” sandwich.

Queen Bee


Bakery has its own stars and one of them is Kamel Saci, who has worked for Michelin-starred restaurants. His French know-how is obvious at this New York style bistro, where they make their own delicious fine bread and pastries. The tables inside the bright room with the showcase and the open kitchen, as well as these on the sidewalk, are in very high demand at breakfast and brunch time. Well-made salads, delicious spit-roasted chicken, specialty coffee, original juice recipes in retro bottles that you can buy to take away and cocktails make the brunch at Queen Bee one of the most complete and appealing in the city.

Talking Breads


Inspired by Talking Heads, this burger spot has a rock attitude and serves sandwiches and pizza rolls in bread and dough made in-store. When you have devoured the Oldschool sandwich (with lamb) or the Bomb burger (with two patties), order the two sweet burgers, one with chocolate and the other with a vanilla cream patty.



It is guaranteed that here you will have big and tasty sandwiches. Buns filled with local products, from every corner of Greece, or famous cold cuts, such as bratwurst sausage or Spanish jamon and chorizo. Accompany your meal with a fresh juice made from fruit and vegetables.



Bamboo Vegan


This vegan haven functions both as a mini-market and a cafe. The cafe serves 100% vegan homemade products, such as sandwiches and wraps, beverages, smoothies, fresh salads and small meals. At the mini-market, you will find food and beverages, vitamins and nutritional supplements, cosmetics, detergents and cleaners, pet food and clothing. Here you will also find out more about the vegan movement.



If you're looking for a good homemade burger in Piraeus, Jackaroo serves some hearty and cheap options. But what stands out on the menu are American-style sandwiches with fantastic handmade bread, such as two versions of a cheesesteak with the meat of your choice, the Po'Boys Shrimp with panko fried shrimps, and the expensive but unique Lobster Roll with Cuban lobster tails.
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