Kaisariani: 10 spots to discover this lively neighborhood



Named after a pop-folk song by Thanassis Papakonstantinou this all-day venue looks like a set of a nostalgic fairytale. The warm ambiance is created by the antique furniture and objects, as well as the low light. You will drink good quality coffee, you will eat tiramisu made with mascarpone and snacks, while in the evenings you will relax while listening to Greek pop-folk music and drnking signature cocktails.

Mama says


This popular hangout is inspired by the persistent nature of Greek moms and is located in a pleasant narrow stone-lined street, where the white iron furniture is occupied at all hours by students and young people living in the area. The interior is decorated in vintage style, has a wooden floor and retro objects. The extensive all-day list includes hot beverages made with Valrhona chocolate, aromatic lemonades, eggs, pancakes, pasta, and Greek beers.



In this pleasant, neat and busy mezze restaurant you will taste raki and wine by small producers from Crete as well as traditional Cretan recipes. The authentic side of the much-lauded Cretan cuisine is represented by dishes such as makarounes (traditional pasta), snails cooked in white wine and many different herbs, and gamopilafo (meat and poultry accompanied by rice cooked in the meat broth) as well as novelty recipes based on local Cretan ingredients. You will end your lunch or dinner with raki mixed with honey or mint.



This old-fashioned mezze restaurant recreates the habit of drinking tsipouro brought to Volos by refugees from Asia Minor. It is tiled with gray-black-white tiles reminiscent of the courtyards of old buildings and its most distinguishing feature is a window overlooking a painting of Trebizond harbour. Traditional appetizers, cooked dishes with seafood, shellfish and salted fish accompany a list of tsipouro. When the weather is good, you will relax at the tables placed in the square.



In the Cretan dialect, "ksatheri" means "exquisite". This restaurant offers Cretan cuisine cooked with local ingredients, that is, cured pork meat, fennel pies, rooster cooked in wine with traditional pasta, snails and foukaki (fried pork meat with lemon). Young people play the Cretan lyre, and lute and sing mantinades (rhyming couplets in Cretan dialect).



Α popular spot in the central Kesariani square. Here you will enjoy fresh fried or grilled fish, seafood risotto, codfish cakes, homemade eggplant salad as well as a variety of appetizers accompanied by ouzo or Greek wine. The bright and cozy interior space is decorated with vintage elements and classic paintings on the walls.

Gastra tis Kesarianis


It is worth discovering this restaurant with different cooked dishes displayed daily in the pots and baking trays. Try goat meat with savory seasoning, rabbit cooked in rosemary and vegetable dishes cooked with oil, soups (the meatball soup is great!) and dishes cooked in red tomato sauce. Ask for traditional dishes of the remote Kalymnos island that you won't have the chance to taste elsewhere.



You will find this traditional fish taverna right next to the beach. Τhe hot fish soup will warm you up during the cold winter days and you can’t miss the always fresh or the seafood dishes.



Even though there are modern high-rise apartment buildings everywhere around it, this old Greek taverna retains the past allure of this historic area. Tsompanakos is decorated with a myriad of antique items, from copper tableware and wine barrels to old comic strips and cigarette ads, photos of athletes that visited the place and a jukebox. The best selling dish is the tender ribs.

Nonna Edda


For years it's been no secret that here you can taste some of the best pizzas in the city. Nonna Edda operates mainly as a takeaway restaurant, but there are few tables to enjoy its pizzas with the delicate, thin dough with a variety of red or white sauces. On the extensive menu, you'll find the red or white Tartufata with truffle sauce, the Stracchino with creamy Italian cheese, two vegetarian pizzas and the extra hot Vulcano.
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