Melissia: 11 spots to discover this lively neighborhood

Ob La Di


This new all-day casual hangout got its name from the Beatles lighthearted song. The interior design is contemporary and bright, with marble surfaces, blond wood chairs and tables, and plants. Get here for pizza, pasta, salads and brunch at the weekends, as well as colourful cocktails that you will enjoy listening to DJs playing freestyle music.

S Project


This relaxed and neat bistro is appealing for any hour of the day. In the morning they serve Coffeedence specialty coffee, sourced with fair trade principles, along with brunch dishes. Then comes chef Yiannis Stannitsas, who uses good quality ingredients from Greek producers for dishes such as fresh tagliatelle with black pig meat, slow-cooked porchetta, and Santorini fava with smoked eel. The well-thought wine list includes Greek and international wines.

Tra di noi


"Tra di noi" means "among us", and this is the most fitting name for this warm-colored little pizzeria-trattoria, where the two owners will personally take care of you. The small showcase of cold cuts and cheeses from Italy will give you the appetite for fresh pasta in traditional recipes, handmade dough pizza and red or white sauce (check the one with pineapple, pancetta and gorgonzola) or traditional peinirli with aged Greek cheese.



Although it is located in an urban neighborhood, this modern seafood restaurant brings the tastes and aromas of the sea right in front of you. Try seafood mezedes, fresh fish and seafood pasta, along with a glass of ouzo or tsipouro. During the warm summer days prefer the outside tables, among the colorful flower pots.

Mavro Provato


You will find this modern tavern, decorated in black and white tones, in the heart of Pagkrati neighborhood. Order spicy pastourma (highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef) pies, juicy grilled meats and fish or seafood pasta, accompanied by a glass of traditional ouzo or Cretan raki (anise-flavored, alcoholic drink.

Il Covo


Pizza baked in a wood-fired oven along with a variety of Italian dishes in a modern Italian trattoria, in the northern suburbs of the city. Try foie gras fillet, juicy chicken with champagne sauce or an authentic carbonara and don’t miss the fluffy pavlova along with an Italian espresso for dessert.



This is not your ordinary meat restaurant with the traditionally grilled variety of meats. In this cozy and modern space, in the northern suburbs, you will get the chance to be introduced to South Afrikan flavors. Try juicy burgers, steaks, sausages, pork chops and chicken wings, all marinated with spices straight from South Africa.



An old photo of Volos waterfront will welcome you to this old-style Greek taverna. The owners search for local ingredients and products such as cheese, cold cuts, tarhana, pasta and many local delicacies from producers mainly from Volos and Northern Greece but also from all over the country. You will accompany the mezze and seafood dishes with tsipouro and ouzo and you will listen to live rebetiko and traditional music.

Beer Way


A friendly beer house, with wood dominating the décor and a garden where you can relax in warm days and nights to lager, Weiss and Trappist beers. There are 11 draught beers and about 100 labels from all over the world, while Greek microbreweries have a strong presence. If you're hungry, there are platters of meats, sausages, cheeses and cold cuts. You will listen to radio-friendly pop and rock music.



You'll come here again and again for the trademark dishes: the pork chops, the huge minced meat patty and the sausage with leek that are served on freshly cut french fries. The excellent homemade pies with cheese, spinach, macaroni, greens or pumpkin are baked on the grill for that extra taste. The venue is totally old-school, but no one cares when the food is so delicious.

Monkey bar


This is a regular hangout of young people living in the area. The Monkey Bar is a fun bar with a neat soundtrack and cocktail list. The interior space is small and facilitates socialization, while the outside is ideal for drinking and snacking in the warm nights. Resident and guest DJs play from retro music to electronica.
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