Where you can taste the most delicious soups on the go

Falafel House


The falafels at this street food spot are crisp and dry on the outside and juicy and fragrant on the inside. You'll enjoy them in sandwiches with Arabic pitta, in bowls or in a salad, with hummus and tahini sauce or in a "Mexican" and "American" version. During the winter months, don't miss the wonderful hot soups, which are served in large portions to take away.

So So So


In the multi-ethnic Apollonos street, the ramen bar So So So, with just five seats awaiting impatient clients, serves bowls of ramen noodles in a light and delightful hot vegetable broth. You have three choices (pork, spicy with minced meat and vegetarian) and many more in chopsticks.

Granny's Meatballs


Thinking of something more comforting than meatballs? At Plastira Square in Pagrati, close to some of the neighborhood's most popular night spots, Granny's Meatballs serves you a large bowl of spaghetti or fried potatoes topped with meatballs and sauce. You can also enjoy meatballs in sandwiches. You'll thank the grandmother who came up with the recipe when you eat the meatballs on the checkered tablecloths outside on the sidewalk.



Colourful and pleasant corner space with street food from Mexico, India, the Middle East and Korea. There is a vegan menu with salads, burritos, and quesadillas, as well as Margaritas to accompany your food - if, of course, you're not here to cure hangover late at night! In the morning, try the juices with fancy combinations of fruits, vegetables, spices, and superfoods.



Asian street food from China, the Philippines, Polynesia, and Thailand with many noodle dishes, classic spring rolls, and pad Thai. This cute restaurant is run by social enterprise Athena-Elpis, which deals with the rehabilitation of people with psychosocial problems.

Microu Lee


Thanks to cheap prices and a catchy pun ("Microulee" means "tiny" in Greek), this Chinese street food spot is very popular with students and visitors of the area. Join the queue, wait patiently and order noodles, fried rice, soups, sushi and cooked special dishes.

Food Str


Nurse your hangover, after a late night out, by choosing among different types of burgers (cheese burger, fish burger with battered cod, and double burger.) If you want something different, try a homemade soup topped with bacon.
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