Nea Filadelfeia: 10 spots to discover this lively neighborhood



Cozy atmosphere and industrial décor in a popular all-day hangout. Mediterranean dishes on the menu, a rich list of cheeses and cold cuts from all around the world and a wide selection of wines from Greek and foreign vineyards. Grab a seat on the tables outside, on the pedestrian street and at the backyard.



Delicious mezedes and Greek traditional dishes along with a glass of Greek tsipouro in this old townhouse, in the neighborhood of Nea Philadeplfia. Enjoy the warm and homey atmosphere on the inside and, in the summer, prefer to sit at its picturesque garden, filled with lemon trees on the outside.

Mister Loukidelis


It is the oldest taverna in Nea Philadelphia area and since 1932 serves traditional dishes of the Greek cuisine, such as fried cod, as well as a variety of tasty appetizers. A warm interior with stone details in the decor, a cozy fireplace and wine barrels on the corner.

Old Dog


A bar with award-winning cocktails and great music. Iron fixtures, barbed wire, stone walls and an impressive bar give to this bar an industrial look. Don't miss the Sunday brunch.



This bar is reminiscent of a Parisian cabaret. Its baroque decor sets a sensual theme that makes you travel back in time. Jazz, swing and soul music together with theatrical plays and stand up comedies add to its artistic nature. During the sunny days, enjoy your drink on the tables, in the garden.



This all-inclusive concept has won the crowd of the area but also attracts people from the rest of Athens. In the spacious ground floor with pop paintings on the walls, enjoy award-winning cocktails (made by the bartenders who stand in front of the neon sign "The bar side of life") or specialty coffee in the adjacent neat espresso bar. On the first floor with the bright décor, make a tour of the world with street food of various nationalities prepared by the "MeZen" team, who loves experimentation and innovation.



The painted cactuses on the wall, the sombrero-lamps and the Latin sounds from the decks, will immediately bring out your inner Mexican. Here you will try classic Tex-Mex tasted, such as burritos and quesadillas, along with a glass of authentic tequila. In summer, catch one of its tables in the lush yard.

En Aithria


This beer hall, a favourite of the local young crowd, has an interior space painted in hand with inspiration from the Greek nature and tradition, people. Come early for coffee and later for beers from all over the world – the beer list includes about 200 options. The seats on the large balcony are the most sought-after.



In this spectacular space, the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland welcomes you, Harry Potter flies the broomstick playing Quidditch, while the décor changes in Halloween or Christmas. The desserts in this café and pastry shop are huge, with many overlays, fillings and colourful toppings.
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