5 great new spots in the most colourful Athens neighbourhood

To Lokali


In a 1930s stone building and in the yard that were designed by Cluster Architects, an experienced team in restaurants and bartending has created a Greek version of the pub. Vintage elements such as the mosaic bars, souvenirs from tourist shops and fabrics with traditional motifs are blended with the designs of cartoonist Rabbit Knows. The large courtyard is planted with olives, mulberries, plane trees and redbuds. The local theme extends in the kitchen with dishes like meatballs, smelt, okra, and stuffed vegetables in creative recipes. You will drink Greek versions of Negroni, Old Fashioned and Piña Colada, as well as beers from small and nomadic brewers.



Pastry chef Tasos Zisopoulos prepares baklava with full buttery flavour, chocolate cakes, profiteroles and many other oriental or French-style desserts with delectable crème pâtissière, choux, and fruits. The venue has a retro posh ambiance, with burgundy carpets instead of wallpapers, and chandeliers, and is reminiscent of an old confectionery in Istanbul and a Parisian coffee.

The Artist Athens


From the twin rooftops of The Artist Hotel, you have a view of the church of Agios Dimitrios in Psyrri and the Acropolis, but you can also check the silent films projected on the wall of the opposite building. One terrace operates as a restaurant seerving Mediterranean cuisine with Asian touches while the other serves as a cocktail bar. The interior designer and owner of the hotel created a balanced combination of old and contemporary elements, preserving the old mosaic on the floor and adding plants and bare lighting bulbs.

The Foundry


Forty different species of trees and aromatic plants are planted on the rooftop terrace of The Foundry Hotel, from olive trees and oleanders to thyme and rosemary. It's like being in an elevated courtyard of an old Greek house overlooking the Acropolis and the National Observatory. That's the perfect spot to have a picnic then! Catch one of the few tables, and spread on the checked tablecloth a variety of cheeses and cold cuts, olives and salads contained in glass jars and other delicacies. Drink wines and beers from Greek microbreweries. On the weekends, they serve pizza.

Juan Rodriguez


Fake palm trees, worn frescoes lined with gold leaves with jungle motifs, neon stars and monkeys with gemstones on their teeth! This all-day bar has a surrealist set-up reminiscent of an old colonial era in Latin America. You will enjoy it while you drink punches and classic cocktails with a twist, and dance to African-American music. The western-style bar food menu includes burgers, tagliata, and pizza. If you come in the morning, we suggest you sit at the tables at the entrance and order a hearty and nutritious breakfast on the board.
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